Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic happened, I’ve been using the RV as my office space since we have it plugged in at home now with our new 30 amp connector. A couple of weeks back we had the electrician come and set up our 30 amp connection. Now we have AC flowing through the RV and the fridge and freezer work great while we have it parked at home. I had noticed that the temperature in the RV had gotten warmer over the last couple of days but I just thought it was the summer weather heating up. I was wrong!

Our cleaning lady went in to clean the RV and she said she couldn’t even get in there to do anything because it was an inferno! I went in to check and sure enough the AC had busted. It was time for my favorite thing in the world, ENTER SARCASM HERE. I called Camping World and told them about our issue and they created a ticket and told us to bring the RV over to Fort Myers since it was still under warranty.

The warranty process took forever. Dometic takes it’s sweet time and this time around they ruined our summer of RV fun because it took them a long time to approve the warranty repairs. They finally did and then the race was on to wait for the new part to come in from Dometic. Of course they had a white one in stock at Camping World, but that one didn’t match our RV layout so we had to wait for them to get the black one in.

The day finally came when they called me up and said the AC was ready. We took mom on a Sunday to pick it up and before we hitched the RV to the truck we had lunch nearby at Buckingham Farms. The place is great. It’s a little farm near Camping World and they lunch. They have a venue for weddings and you can buy fresh produce right from their little store. It’s a super quant and fun place. And it gave us a nice little distraction from driving two hours to pick up the RV only to drive two hours back to Miami.

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