Right after our camping trip to Red Coconut RV Park, we dropped off the RV for some repairs at Camping World Ft. Myers. The great thing is that the warranty still covers 100% of all the issues for the first year. The bad news is that we need warranty service before the RV’s first birthday! It’s ridiculous!!! If you do your research online, you know that when you buy an RV you have to be ready to constantly keep up with all the repairs. That’s why we opted for the Extended Warranty after the initial warranty expires. I never splurge for those things, but in this case it was 100% worth it.

We were dropping off the RV at Camping World which conveniently was both where we bought the RV and a certified repair facility for Coleman RVs. For this job we had a couple of issues that we needed fixed:

  • The Jack-knife sofa that becomes a bed was wobbly and had broken off it’s hinges. We used it like three times and it was already needing repairs.
  • One of the bedroom cabinets door hinge had broken off. So the cabinet did not close correctly.
  • There was a pipe that was dripping right under the awning of the RV. It was right next to the spot where we usually put a table to hold the food for BBQ’ing.

Since it was a Sunday and technically the service desk was closed, our contact at Camping World, Katie, told us we could leave the RV in the parking lot and give the keys to the front desk. We did just that and of course while we were unhitching the RV from the truck, it started raining.

The Camping World rep Katie didn’t really give us an estimate or time frame on when the RV would be ready. We dropped it off and hoped for the best. A week went by and there was no update on the RV. Katie just told us that it wasn’t ready yet. The next monday after the initial week went by, Katie called asking me when we could pick it up because it was ready. I had originally told her Saturday because Manny and I both work full-time and it takes us two hours to get to Camping World, and two hours to get back. She was very insistent on us picking it up as soon as possible. This is probably because the manufacturer would not pay any more storage fees.

As it worked out Manny left work early during the week to do the 4 hour round-trip trek to pick up our RV. He did this on a Friday. We had a fishing trip planned for that Saturday, so he took a half-day and did one hell of a commute for our baby. The only positive things that we can say about the experience are that everything was fixed to our satisfaction and that we didn’t pay one penny. Everything was covered by the warranty.

I’m sure there will be future repairs down the road. We’ll let you know how those go…

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