So there we were on our way to Vitambi Springs campground, when we discovered that there was a huge leak in our RV bedroom. The bed was soaked! The bedroom cabinets were soaked and already rotting. It smelled like mildew everywhere. It was both horrible and depressing at the same time. It turned out that the roof adhesive had started to come off with the heat and it created a big hole. So everytime it rained, and we live in Florida, the bedroom of the RV would get soaked!

We called Camping World as per usual to deal with the warranty repairs and this time we had Victoria handling our case. She created a ticket for our issue and told us to bring it in as soon as we could. Manny had Wednesdays off so he went with Juan to drive up to Fort Myers to drop off the rig for repairs. On the drive up the roof got worse. All that wind did more of a number on the roof.

Long story long, it took THREE LONG MONTHS to get our RV back. The process took so long that we sent the RV for repair when we lived in our old house in Hialeah, and by the time the RV was ready, we drove it in and parked it in our new house. While we can look back now and be grateful that our RV is in better condition the whole ordeal was a mess.

There was a lot of back and fort with Victoria because the manufacturer wanted to cut corners and they didn’t want to put a new roof. I honestly thought with all the damage that it had sustained that they would junk it and either give us a new one or call it a total loss. I had to get involved and call the manufacturer directly with my case number and harass them until they approved all the repairs that we wanted done.

I clearly remember seeing youtube videos before we bought the RV. And everyone pretty much had the same piece of advice. Be ready to have your RV constantly in some state of repair. And boy they were not wrong! It was a nightmare to get through, but I can say proudly that now our RV has a new roof, they redid the bedroom completely and you would never know that there had been all that water damage in the bedroom. We got new cabinets, a new mattress still in its plastic wrap. We were upset that it had taken so long and robbed us of using the RV, but in the end the finished product was that we had our RV back and it was pretty much brand new.

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