This adventure started a little stressful. Manny was still working and they had given him an order in the keys. So he was rushing to finish that order so we can start out on our adventure. Meanwhile, I was at home packing everything in the RV that we needed. On this trip we went with Manny’s coworker Juan and his wife Danielys. My mom went along for the adventure and Manny’s mom couldn’t make it because she had Mel’s “quinces” birthday celebration! We all met up at Jessica’s where the RV was parked, and the adventure was off!

Sandbar Exploring@Key Largo Kampground
Sandbar Exploring@Key Largo Kampground

This was our second time going to Key Largo Kampground. This time we were on the opposite side of the marina on Site 104. This site was way bigger than our previous one. We decided that the next time we would come back to Key Largo Kampground we would request this site! We arrived a little late to the Site because Manny took longer at work, but we quickly set up camp and started getting the dinner BBQ ready! Manny did some burgers and Mahi- Mahi burgers for dinner. We had guava cheesecake for dessert from CostCo and of course I made espresso with our portable Nespresso Machine. At this point we were all really tired and decided to get some sleep since the next day would be action packed!

There were so many of us in the RV that Manny and I decided to try out the new outdoor shower popup that we bought from Amazon. It was so amazing to take a shower out in the open looking up at the stars! Our RV has an outdoor showerhead in the back of the RV so we placed the popup shower station right there. Now our rig had two baths! UPGRADE!

Juan had rented a boat for the day for us to explore the waters around us. We packed the cooler full of beer, soda, water and snacks and we were swiftly off to get our boat for the day. We rented the boat from Florida Keys Water Sports Company. The boat was great, it was smaller than the pontoon that we rented with Manny’s kids but it was perfect for our group. Florida Keys Water Sports Company were very thourough. They gave us GPS instructions, told us everything about the boat, and we realized that the boat even had a cooler built in. The other pontoon place that we rented previously, just gave us the keys and let us figure everything out. So this was a very nice touch.

Alligator Reef Light House@Key Largo Kampground
Alligator Reef Light House@Key Largo Kampground

We were soon off to our first destination which was Alligator Reef Lighthouse. Manny felt really bad on the way there because he was trying to use our bungie cords to tie the coolers together when one of them snapped and hit my mom’s knee. We were super freaked out but mom quickly recovered from the pain. Things got better the closer we got to the reef. The water was breath taking. It was a beautiful shade of teal. The water was so clear it felt we were in a pool. We jumped off the boat and swam for a bit around the lighthouse. I used the water camera to take some pics. It was truly an awesome experience and it perked us up for the rest of our adventure that day.

Next on our list was the Islamorada Sandbar. When we approached the sandbar it was raining and cold and we were all bummed out by the weather. But Florida being Florida, a couple of minutes later the rain cloud left and the day was beautiful again! We were once again in paradise. We were in the middle of the ocean but the water was only 2-3 feet deep! Mom even got out of the boat this time! We got the canopy that we had from the RV and set it up in the middle of the sandbar. We had our own private oasis with canopy cover!

We had a curious sting ray who was swimming all around the sandbar. He was moving fast so the minute you saw him he was already making his escape! In the distance we saw a floating restaurant and Manny and I swam/walked over to it to get some “Pinchos” for everyone. We had an amazing day drinking, eating and relaxing under the protection of the canopy in this beautiful sandbar. Juan took us for one more joy ride with the boat before we had to return it. After that, we headed back to camp exhausted but having spent an amazing day of fun under the Florida Keys sun.

When we got back to the campground, Juan deep fried some fish Manny had caught on a fishing trip that we had gone with his brother-in-law. Everyone enjoyed it except me, since I don’t eat fish. Manny made me some ribs on the bbq and we had a feast. Also, the bugs were having a feast because we were being eaten alive. This is the one downside to this campsite, the bugs are OUT OF CONTROL! We had to rush through our dinner because the bugs were so intense. When we wrapped up dinner we all changed into our swimming suit and headed for the swimming pool at the campground. The pool was very nice and large and it gave us some bonding time between Juan and his wife and me and Manny. There was no one else in the pool except us. Mom stayed behind because pools are not her thing. We headed back to start unwinding for bed. Unfortunately when we woke up it was time to break up camp.

Islamorada Sandbar@Key Largo Kampground
Islamorada Sandbar@Key Largo Kampground

Sunday morning Manny made his signature camping breakfast to give us enough energy to begin breaking down the camp. It was real quick this time around because we had the help of Juan and his wife. On the way out we were going to stop and eat something around the keys but we were anxious to get home and put away the camper, so it never materialized. We buy a lot of our groceries for our camping trips at Trader Joes. We told Juan all about it and they got so excited about it they went to Trader Joe’s and bought a ton of stuff. They also bought us our favorite Trader Joe’s insulated bag because we had left ours on the boat! And so ended our super fun trip in the Florida Keys.

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