We haven’t been going on many trips for these last couple of weeks because we have big news!!! We just bought a new house in Miami Springs!!! It was very stressful because we had to sell our old home and purchase the new home within about a 2 month window. It wasn’t an easy task but we had an amazing realtor who worked it out for us! We highly recommend her if you are in the South Florida market.

Combining all the running around you do for a new house with the fact that our RV is still under repair at Camping World, and now you know why we haven’t had any new adventures to blog about! Once we get our baby back from the repair shop, we’ll be hitting the road again!

One of the best parts of the new house is that we have a dedicated space to park our RV! This was such a hassle before because our backyard didn’t allow for us to store the RV. We ended up having it at different houses throughout our family network! Now we are all reunited!

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