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Manny has been RV’ing with his dad many times when he was younger.  Kelvis always had a love for the outdoors and always wanted to fulfill his father’s dream of RV’ing across America.  When the two RV bears met, they didn’t know they shared this common interest.  When Manny leased his Ram 1500 truck in early 2019, one conversation led to another, and BAM, the RV life was born for us. Manny purchased the truck because he has a love for all things truck related, it had nothing to do with the RV that we would eventually buy, but it did get that conversation going!

We wish!  Manny works in the healthcare industry and I work in the Internet/New Media industry.  If it was up to us we’d retire early and hit the road with our Moms and Miss Mona.  But as a lot of you know, RV’ing isn’t cheap and we have to keep working to take our RV out on awesome trips!  One day we’ll all work remotely and call the road home.

A long, long time ago, Manny and Kelvis met while Kelvis was home for the christmas holiday in Miami.  Kelvis at that time used to live in Los Angeles, CA and would periodically come down to Miami to visit.  The two met one christmas eve on a dating app very similar to Christian Mingle for the gay community called Grindr! After that first fateful meeting the rest was history.  After some time, Manny came out to California to visit Kelvis.  As of 2017 the two have been together.  In 2018 we rescued Miss Mona from the North Miami Beach Humane Society.  In 2019 Manny purchased his Ram 1500 truck, which led to our RV 🙂

Our current RV, which is our first RV, is the Dutchman Coleman Lantern 245RK. We spent many hours researching this on youtube and we fell in love with this model.  When we went to Camping World, it’s no surprise, this is the one that we came home with.  It is a very good size, it has one slide-out to give us optimum room in the living area, and the furniture has light tones, making it nice and airy and spacious.

Here is the floor plan if you are interested in it.

Funny you should ask.  We have a page dedicated to this.  Follow the link to the Places that We Have Been, to see an interactive google map of all the campsites we’ve been to!

We have so many places that we want to visit!  As people tell us about more and more amazing-sounding campsites we started to make a list.  Check out our RV Camping Bucket List to see an interactive google map of all the campsites that we want to visit!

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