For Manny’s birthday weekend we headed back to Vitambi Springs, our RV home away from home, for a low key birthday celebration. We had just come off the high of the Beverly Beach Camptown vacation. It was fun, but it took a lot out of us. So for Manny’s birthday he wanted to relax, unwind, NOT COOK, and have fun! So we loaded up the fridge with some frozen meals, Vodka, and RumC-H-A-T-A, and we were on our way!

The theme of the weekend at Vitambi Springs was LumberJock Weekend. They had a whole itinerary for the weekend, but the one event that caught my eye was axe throwing! I was very excited about that one! We were meeting up with Frank and Steven for the weekend. I had coordinated with Frank and Steven so that they bring some sort of dessert to have after dinner for Manny’s birthday. Everything was in play for an awesome weekend.

LumberJack Weekend @ Vitambi Springs

This time around, we got to Vitambi Springs quite early. The first time that we went, we were attacked by all kinds of bugs. NOT THIS TIME!!! The setup this time around was super easy. I don’t know if it was because we were there earlier, if we already got the hang of setting up camp, but whatever the reason, it set the pace for a nice mellow weekend. Once we setup camp we headed over to the lodge to get some dinner. We ordered some dinner while Manny was at the bar next door getting some drinks from Michael. We brought our food over to the bar, because let’s face it, that’s where we spend all our time!

We joined Frank and Steven at the bar, and this time around, Frank’s partner Todd came for the trip. Arnie, Steven’s partner, was going to come, but he never made it. We had a fun night of drinking and playing drunk Jenga. We somehow brought tons of people back to our trailer for the after-party after we had gotten HAPPY at the bar ???. The star of the night were Manny’s Rumc-h-a-t-a shots. They brought all the boys to the yard. We all drank, hung out, drank some more and then called it a night. Saturday was going to be a big day with Manny’s birthday and axe throwing, so off to bed we went…

We woke up Saturday morning, and I did some frozen Fritatas that I bought at Publix and Manny heated up some Trader Joe’s breakfast potatoes that were out of this world! After breakfast we played with our new ScharkSpark SS41: The Beetle Drone that Manny got for our birthdays. We haven’t really got the hang of it, and it was super windy. When it was my turn to fly it, I broke off some of the wing guards! We just have to keep at it I guess. After that we headed over to the pool to lay down our towels and claim our territory 🙂 We made some stiff drinks to have by the pool which eventually would be my downfall!!! These drinks don’t phase Manny much!

RV Orgy @ Vitambi Springs

Before we got to the pool we noticed they were already practicing the axe throwing. We set our towels down and headed over to the practice area. They had a couple of boots laid out since most people were not wearing the correct shoes for the event. Manny and I were those people! We quickly put on the boots and tried our hands at axe throwing. I was quite bad at it. I started to get the hang of it, and then I slowly got worse. Manny on the other hand, was a natural. He was hitting that board left and right. I encouraged him to enter the competition but he didn’t want to do it ⛏️⛏️⛏️.

At the pool we met a lot of really cool new friends. Miguel and his partner immediately struck up a conversation and we instantly started chatting away. He was there with a group of friends that have known each other for years, and they quickly introduced us to Oz, who’s birthday they were celebrating! Two birthdays in one weekend! They invited us to the birthday party back at their cabin and we agreed to go later on after we freshened up at our RV. We spent an hour or so at the pool and then headed back to the RV to get ready for the birthday party that we were invited to.

Beautiful Snake @ Vitambi Springs

Miguel played the gracious host and showed us around the cabin that they had rented for the weekend. It was pretty big with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. They brought their doggies with them, so it was fun to play with them. It made me miss Miss Mona! We then found out that the cabin where the party was, was not where Miguel was staying, but where his friends were staying. We went over to his place to check it out and it was very nice outside! Right outside his cabin there was a beautiful little snake waiting to say hello! A LITERAL SNAKE, NOT A FIGURATIVE ONE!

We went back to the party and got to know the guys. They were all coupled up and they all told us the story of how they got together and how their friendship has lasted through the years. We had a great time, but we had to wrap things up because we were doing lasagna for Steven, Frank, and Todd. So we said our goodbyes and headed back to the RV.

We had a great dinner with the boys and they brought a nice cheesecake to celebrate Manny’s birthday. We got the candles, Steven’s lighter and we had an instant birthday cake ???. I know Manny had a great time because he loves spending time with friends and family. This for him was very special. Frank got him a surprise birthday gift: DUCT TAPE ?! They say it’s the most important thing any RVer should own! So now we had our own roll of it, lol! After we wrapped up dinner and the celebration we headed to the bar for another festive night ???!

Manny Bday Cake @ Vitambi Springs

Sunday morning we woke up early because we did not want to miss the Omelette Guy! He only comes Sundays for breakfast/brunch. You know when he’s around because he parks his VW Convertible Bug right outside the lodge. Our last trip we missed him, but not this TRIP! We headed over try some awesome home-made omelettes. I have to say the omelette was pretty tasty, and our plates were clean in a matter of minutes! Martin came by to chat with us right before we left to close up the campsite and I casually mentioned that it was Manny’s birthday. He wished Manny a happy birthday and told us not to go anywhere!

A couple of minutes later, he showed up with a piece of cake, some candles, and the whole lodge sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Manny! It was great. I know Manny felt loved. Vitambi Springs has become our extended family so we felt great celebrating Manny’s birthday there. After the cake, we had to get going, because we had to put everything back in the RV and go. As we were breaking up camp we met with our RV neighbors in the site next to ours. Glen and Patrick were hanging out in their Airstream and we asked if we could use their septic tank since our site didn’t have one. Not a great way to start a friendship/conversation, but what can you do?

They were very gracious and let us use it. We chit-chatted with them for a while and we exchanged numbers. They had told us they had booked for the following two weekends which was a Bear Event weekend. We made plans to go with them! Unfortunately we had to cancel that event at Vitambi because we had family plans at the last minute, but we do look forward to meeting up with Glen and Patrick in the future. They were super cool! And with that we wrapped up another fun weekend at Vitambi Springs: Our RV home away from home!

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