So everyone told us that once you buy an RV, get ready to repair, repair, repair. We knew it would happen, we just didn’t know it would happen so quickly. We literally had the RV for less than a month before our Dometic Water Heater broke. We were going to take it to Camping World in Ft. Myers for the repair, but that would have been a two hour drive up to drop off the RV. Then wait who knows how long for the repairs to be completed and approved by the manufacturer’s warranty, and then two hour drive back home. So instead we decided to buy the part that we needed at Amazon, and install it ourselves. Once it worked we felt like we could tackle anything!

Do-It-Yourself Dometic Water Heater Repair

UPDATE: After a little back and forth with Dometic, the manufacturer of the water heater control board, they agreed to reimburse us the cost of the new control board that we purchased on Amazon! They didn’t reimburse us for our time and labor though lol. Imagine our excitement when we received the check below in the mail! All the research I did online pointed to them sending us a replacement control board not the money. SO win-win for us!

Dometic Water Heater Reimbursement

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